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Jan 23, 2013 6:00am EST
to go forward. the chances of it going forward i think are small. he has to get re-elected in 2015 to propose the up or down vote in 2017. it does put a cloud over the u.k. and e.u. a bit. >> the u.s. view has been not to get involved in u.s. politics. the u.s. view is that -- involved in u.k. politics. the u.s. view that a strong u.k. and e.u. is good for the u.k., for europe and the united states. we'll let the brits sort out their politics internally. that overall view is one we've been thinking. >> this f they were to cede -- if they were to cede, what would that mean? >> i think it's not wise to speculate about what would happen if certain eventualities were occurring, were to occur. and as you say, it's too early to make predictions. >> let me ask you this -- i was at a dinner last night with a number of people you know well. our viewers know well. an off the record dinner. i will say the topic was does globalization still work. you know, this is a place that -- we're looking out where all you do is talk about globalization, people support globalization, what it means. is it
Jan 22, 2013 6:00am EST
with the congress and then in 2012 what he felt was vindication in the election, how that changes his approach to dealing with congress and dealing with the country. it's going to be interesting to see how successful he can be. >> yeah. yep, yep. we'll see. you know, i don't -- you just don't want to push an agenda too far if it was still a pretty close election, john. we'll see. but i don't feel like -- >> well, it was. >> i don't feel like a whole lot of unity was headed our way. this is like throwing down the gauntlet and -- >> i agree with you. he was. and one of the dangers for presidents is that they get a little too confident, a little too cocky. we'll see whether he is reaching a little bit further than he can grasp. now, i willsy that what house republicans did last week on the debt limit was a promising sign for him in the sense that -- and i think he took it that way, which is that they -- at his insistence, he came out after the election and said i'm not going to play that game on the debt limit. in the end, they have broken the link between spending cuts and -- at least in the sho
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am EST
, you know, when it comes to this debt ceiling issue, or it comes to who's going to be elected, or health care issues or what have you. how is that -- how do you put that in to your investing hat? >> well, everything is a transaction, and it won't have an effect on prices, in any event, unless it has an effect on a transaction. so what i do is i know who the buyers and the sellers are. and then by thinking that through, i think how will it have an effect on transactions. far more important than, over the long term, the leader of a country will have some effect on the whole overall health of the economy. but even -- they can't even res. they're, you know, it's a very difficult challenge. the whole political system. you could be president of the united states and it doesn't mean you can change policy. then, if policy changes, it has to basically change the things that produce -- have an effect on productivity. it's something that's peripheral largely. like, for example, a bigger issue is how does financial transactions work such as if you lower interest rate, and you have nothing
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am EST
they're on pause until jrmny's election but i think no news is good news for europe. if they can just be off the radar screen for a couple months, better china, stable but vulnerable europe i think all of that at the margin does help the u.s. and maybe can contribute to a further rally. >> before the individual investor gets in, used to be at 20,000 on the dow, i mean, we keep forgetting 800. 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, remember what it did in 1982? >> that's because earnings were driving -- >> this isn't an earnings rally. this is a multiple ten or eleven and there's no alternative investment. >> we're above 13. how do you get to historical averages without any kind of earnings -- >> we haven't made any headway in 12 years. maybe 15 is the outside of time that you can sit there and spin your wheels as earnings keep going up and the multiple keeps contracting. 15 is about as long as it goes before so maybe we're a little bit early. >> a great start for 2014 and 2015. >> oh, you just can't wait until it pulls back a little. i can read you like a book kleintop. >> a lot more from these guys th
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
rose in the final survey right before the election. >> -- swimmingly. we're at 8%. we're really clicking on all cylinders. >> exactly my point. how did you attribute the conspiracy that it was a smrs -- >> how much lower can you go on this, keep it going this way, how much lower can you go on the participation rate? can you go to 60? will you -- >> how old the population is. >> goldman -- >> your friends, whether they -- >> all right coming up we'll have more from austan goolsbee and there are plenty of other conspiracies that define as well. economic adviser to president obama, and rick bernstein ceo of rick bernstein advisers plus tim geithner's last day as you just heard as treasury secretary we're going to talk about the challenges ahead for his successor. jack lew. >> our interests as a nation depend critically on the broader economic health of the world economy. we're very optimistic they're going to have these firms emerge stronger without government assistance going forward, because they've undertaken very, very dramatic restructuring. to grow, we have to boost our socia
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5